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Domain Names

What you need to know about Domain names

Domain Names are the signpost that directs the internet to find the server your website is installed on, this is called a Domain Name Server Address or DNS, if you did not register the Domain Name yourself, then you may not have a domain register account, in other words, if you can’t log in to a website and have your details and billing account available to you then you almost can say you have no control over your Domain Name.

Any changes to a Domain Name is always confirmed by an email, if the email address listed is not yours then no changes can be made, you can always check by using the whois service.

Any changes to a Domain Name is always confirmed by an email, if the email address listed it is not yours then no changes can be made.

The Domain Name has 4 different contacts: Registrant, Admin, Tech & Billing unless you have all of these in your name with your email address, you could be in trouble unless you can contact the company that the Domain Name was purchased through if they are contactable. (Most only use email and will only talk to the Admin contact)

All DNS updates or changes are requested by the Tech Contact, once it has been confirmed by email that the request has been made then the change will occur, no response means nothing changes.

What does all this mean, simply if you cannot control your Domain Name, you have no control over your website, if the website host no longer operates or decides to increase hosting costs you are screwed.

It is critical that you have control over your Domain name, if the Domain name, has been registered by someone else, they may in fact own it even if you have paid for it.

If you don’t have control of your Domain Name, don’t get a website built, you could be out of pocket.

If you are not sure if you control your Domain  get in touch, we might be able to help if it’s not too late.

If you are interested in a new Domain Name or wish to check on a Domain Name, use this link to

Website Hosting

cPanel is an industry standard, off-the-shelf product used all over the web, the easy-to-use online interface is accessible from wherever you are, allowing you to easily install applications, manage domains and check website statistics.

The servers we use are modern and use the latest 24/7 support, that will allow you to:

Install apps easily – WordPress, Magento, Joomla & Drupal
Many popular scripting languages – PHP5, Perl/CGI & Python
Easy management  – Email features – Webmail, Anti-spam, & Catchall Email Address

Are you looking at having a website built

Before you start spending money on a website you need to ask yourself these questions.

What is the function of your website?
What do you want to achieve with your website?
Who do you expect to use your website?
How will they find your webiste?
Do you know what you have to do to maintain your website?
Do you know how much you expect to spend on your website?

If you can answer the questions above then you will be looking around to see what the cost will be, you will get quotes from a low $500.00 to $10,000.00, I had a website many years (2001) ago it cost over $20,000.00. Today website creation is almost a drag and drop process with the software currently available, for our clients the basic website cost is approximately $550.00 plus hosting and Domain name costs. There are additional costs depending what the websites purpose is, these could be shopping cart, blogging link to social media  or interaction by visitors.


Technology Security

Business large & small are open to online cyber threats daily, the old thinking of a computer getting a virus to create problems is basically a thing of the past due to the efficiency of Anti-Virus software available today. 

If there’s one thing all business should be aware of is phishing, it’s this: phishing works, more than a third of untrained staff will fail a phishing test

Opening and responding to emails is part of the job description for most staff, the best way to prevent staff from being tricked into revealing information, or providing access via a link, is to educate them.

Are your staff trained in the efficient use of Microsoft software.

Many smaller business rely on the staff the employ to have the skills needed to use a computer and the software effectively, unfortunately unless they have many years of experience and have completed the training they are not being as efficient or productive as thought. 

We can help by creating a Taylor made training package to meet your operational needs that can be accessed online via a secure login to allow staff the resources to learn or upskill to improve their knowledge that can directly help business.