About Us

We apply the KISS principle to what we do and endeavor for a clients to learn how to also apply this principle.

We cut through the bullshit and give you the cold hard truths gained from many years in both the Private and Government sectors in Administration, Governance, Compliance Record Keeping, Administration, Workplace Safety & also being a business owner whos IT experience started 20 plus years ago.

I have a saying “If you don’t like the answer then you should have not asked the question”, the answer given is based on our knowledge and what we have experienced in business, it may not be the answer you want.

We can work across most Industry Sectors

Our Mission is to provide you with the information so you can make an informed decision

Our Vision is to help small business grow while protecting them from business scam’s being generate through the internet, and to help staff understand how technology can be used efficiently.

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