Businesses use emails daily, and now that we are more digitally connected, there is no going back. 

Everybody needs to be vigilant about their digital footprint.

What would you do if you were taken off-line or had money stolen from your business?

Most people believe having antivirus software will prevent them from being hacked.

You may not be aware that 90% of cyber-attacks are due to human error?

One-click of a mouse by an employee is all it takes to open your business to an online threat, resulting in loss of money, or a bad reputation caused by a data breach.

One of Radford IT’s services is looking at your Cyber Security, to identify any problems and if found find provide a complete solution to help you against online attacks.

If you know of any business that conducts business using online services, that might benefit from a Cyber Security assessment, let them know Radford IT is available to help.