Scanning the QR Code has you at this page, so we offer you a no bullshit approach to the information we are willing to share, the fact you are here means you have an interest in knowing more so phone us.

We offer a range of services that we would have spoken about or you may be aware of, take a look at the site and get in touch if you want to know more. 

In addition to the services we provide we have our own special projects that we have been working on one of these is our Rural Property Management Portal.

The Custom Web Portal for Rural Property Management, is used to load information that can be seen on google maps, what can be displayed is Water Assets & Pipes,  Fences, Gates, Salt Licks, other assets can be added as needed and can be seen after logging in via any browser on a computer or phone. 

To achieve this and to acquire the information meant having experience of working on a cattle property as a Bore runner, I became aware that with staff turnover the information on water asset location, type, condition ETC can take a while to show new staff their location, what paddocks they feed and what pipes connect with the water source, water storage and cattle troughs, and what water valves control the flow to assets.

The portal provides that information easily for each assets location, and its purpose or other information related to the asset.

More information on Rural Property Management can be found on the website using this link.

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